FlashDevelop WakaTime Plugin

21st January 2016

What is it?

FD-WT integrates the time tracking functionality of WakaTime into the brilliant FlashDevelop IDE.

I use both frequently, but until now, not together. So I wrote a plugin to change that!

Installation is easy.

  1. FlashDevelop->Tools->Install Software
  2. Scroll down to Plugins
  3. Check WakaTime and Install
  4. Enter API Key if prompted (found at WakaTime.com/settings after logging in / registering.)

Note: If you aren’t prompted, you probably have a wakatime.cfg file in your home directory, used by other editors with WakaTime.

It’s a technical thing mainly for developer-y types, so nobody should have any issues. Just in case, I’ve made it as foolproof as possible. However if you are a fool and wish to install manually, check out the Release page on GitHub, link below.

Download (External Link)
Source Code